PVTech consists of a team of highly experienced Engineers to meet all your design requirements. We are here to cater to all your design needs, including but not limited to : 

  • Rigid PVC

  • PVC Co extrusion Profile

  • TPV 

  • TPE 

  • PE

  • PP

  • Dual/Single Hardness Profile

  • Injection Moulding

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A series of factors are considered to cater to your design concept needs, including : 

  • Purpose of the product

  • Sealing Requirements

  • Fitting Requirements

  • Load Impact Calculation

  • Cross Sectional Area

  • U Value factors, etc.

It is then that we design the perfect product of the highest quality exceeding all your expectations.

The next phase is to finalize the material to be used based on your needs. For this we research on various factors including, but not limited to  : 

The application of the product

Suitability of the material to your needs, specifically, if to be used indoor or outdoor

Standard Material Requirement as per ASTM , DIN, BS, ISO and FDA.

Temperature of the surroundings in which the product will be used.

We also design and develop Special Purpose Machines to meet with the requirements of the product/customer or to add extra value to the product like punching, notching, cutting, revating etc.

The Design team at PVTech is hence available to give you the highest quality product and satisfaction.