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Quality Testing and Control

Integrated from the very first step.

From deep underwater tunnels to enormous sky scrapers; From freezing cold temperatures to scorching hot and humid climates...

We have designed products that fulfill critical applications whilst sustaining a variety of environmental conditions. 


To guarantee quality is a responsibility we do not take lightly and hence our holistic approach from the very first step is essential.

Incoming Material Testing


Muffle Furnace


Melt Flow Rate


. . .

Vicat Softening Temperature 

Incoming material testing allows us to verify the TDS, of a particular raw-material, against the actual material received in our warehouse. By doing so, we protect our customers from low-quality finished products (which may deteriorate rapidly and prove to be un-fit for their application). 

On-Going Production Testing

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Process parameters, if not set right, will alter the flow of the polymer through the die and hence may bring about fluctuations in the physical and mechanical properties of the profile. This is why a quality control at this stage is crucial in order to prevent excessive wastage of material and time. A systematic testing of the on-going production is conducted in our lab where fluctuations (if any) are noted in the very early stages and corrective action is taken accordingly.

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Outgoing Material Testing

It is our responsibility to ensure that a product is delivered to your facility as intended. This is where our dedicated quality team supervises every batch from production before it is taken into planning for delivery. We re-verify all the process and profile parameters as required by the client and send out samples to our laboratory for testing it under simulated environmental conditions. If returned results are satisfactory, only then the product is handed over to our logistics team. 

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