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PVTech's Waterstops are high grade Polyvinyl Chloride Resin extrusions that are plasticized and stabilized to offer long life performance in concrete structures against water leakages.

The Waterstops are manufactured with the highest quality PVC to provide the strongest tensile strength and elongation capabilities possible with a superior resistance to alkalies, acids, ozone and waterborne chemicals.

These profiles are packed in rolls of 10 meters (customizable depending upon the width of the profile) and are available in standard sizes of 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 320mm width. We are more than capable of producing any customized profile you'd require. Get in touch with us to know more!



Internal Construction Joints are placed in the centre of a concrete construction joint. They are designed and incorporated with fins and multiple solid-core ribs along the two, lengthwise, edges.



External Construction Joints are used at joints of slabs on grade or walls that get backfilled on vertical walls. The design of this profile is flat on one side, with multiple ribs and fins along its flanges, for better mechanical bonding (or interlocking) with the concrete.


Swellable WS

Waterstops which are hydrophilic in nature, tend to swell when made in contact with water. This expansion takes place only on those parts subjected to water and hence gives it a very valuable application.



Internal Expansion Joints are placed in the centre/internal section of the concrete expansion joint. They have a central hollow bulb which is designed to allow cyclical and differential movements in both lateral and transverse direction without excessively stretching the material.


2/3/4 Joints

PVTech's factory fabricated joints are recommended for all intersections and directional changes. We produce two way, three way and four way joins in both vertical and horizontal formats.



External Expansion Joints are used in concrete expansion or isolation joints. This type of waterstop is used where significant movements are expected.



TPV waterstop, also known as TPER waterstop, made of an alloy of rubber and plastic, acts as a fluid-tight diaphragm with excellent mechanical properties and higher chemical resistance than traditional waterstops.

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